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Even More "Flu" For Thought

FIRST THERE WAS H3N8 Canine Influenza virus was first reported in Florida in 2004.  This strain was labelled H3N8.  H3N8 probably “jumped species” into the canine population from horses.  At that time H3N8 caused a few isolated outbreaks in Los Angeles county.  There is a vaccine available to help protect dogs from getting sick from [...]

We've Emerged From Our Hibernation - Smarter!

  The (sometimes) rainy El Niño months served as the perfect time to bury ourselves in the books.  As any one of our Team members will tell you, education is one of the fundamental core values at DTLAvets.  Whether from specialists who lecture, from interesting cases that come to the hospital, from mistakes made or [...]

"What Should My Pet Weigh?"

This is probably one of the most common questions we are asked as veterinarians.  For us the number on the scale is not nearly as important as the body condition score (BCS) of the pet.  The body condition score (BCS) is a tool used for distinguishing differences in nutritional needs of pets.  It assigns a [...]

NEWSFLASH: Kangaroo products in California to be banned starting January 2016

Kangaroo products including the import and sale of kangaroo meat will be banned starting January 2016, in the state of California.  Kangaroo has enjoyed recent and rapid popularity as an important ingredient in dog foods and this sharp demand for kangaroo has outpaced the government of Australia’s ability to develop a detailed plan for providing [...]

Thinking of Pet Health Insurance?

  These days pets are an important part of the family.  They sleep in our beds.  We cook for them.  And pet health insurance is becoming more and more commonplace.  And why shouldn’t your baby be covered?  When purchased wisely, it can be invaluable.  Here are a few things to consider before you commit to [...]