NEWSFLASH: Kangaroo products in California to be banned starting January 2016


Kangaroo products including the import and sale of kangaroo meat will be banned starting January 2016, in the state of California.  Kangaroo has enjoyed recent and rapid popularity as an important ingredient in dog foods and this sharp demand for kangaroo has outpaced the government of Australia’s ability to develop a detailed plan for providing this product in a sustainable manner.  While those details are debated and finalized the ban will remain in place.  There have been rumblings that this ban may be lifted as early as March 2016, but this is unconfirmed.  Several of our patients, especially those with skin allergies are on a kangaroo-based diet.  If yours is one of such pets, we recommend trying to stock up on rations that could get your pet through at least March 2016.  If your pet is on a Just Food For Dogs (JFFD) kangaroo diet, call us and we can help you purchase a single large quantity of the diet - single and small quantities will not be available from JFFD.  Otherwise please schedule an appointment with DTLAvets ASAP to discuss practical alternatives to kangaroo and a smooth dietary transition while the ban is in place.